Running with the wolves

I love esoteric and self-help books, and if somebody throws both into the mix, all the better. Usually, I don’t get much out of them except a weird and exuberant read. But occasionally, one hits home. And that is just exactly what I am NOT going to talk about right now.

The Renaissance Soul is not esoteric. It is self help, but not in a particularly touchy-feely way. It’s basically a 321 page permission slip to pursue all it is you want to pursue. If you are into pursuing a lot of things. And I am. There are some people, God bless them, who have a career path they want to follow and perhaps a couple “life list” types accomplishments they want to tick off their list. So help me, I have been trying to be one of those people for many years and not understanding why I kept being distracted by shiny things. And no, I don’t have attention deficit disorder. The truth is, I yam what I yam. And what I yam is interested in all sorts of things. The Renaissance Soul has given me strategies to pursue all of them, rather than one straight down the line career path. Highly recommended.

In this same vein, I bumped into a very powerful statement this week from Adolph Murie, a naturalist and scientist who both studied and saved American wolves in their natural habitat. He was speaking of McKinley National Park (Denali) when he said, “Let us not have puny thoughts. Let us think on a greater scale. Let us not have those of the future decry our smallness of concept and lack of foresight.” To me, the National Parks are treasures so grand, so impossible to fully comprehend, that I am both proud and yet humbled that I come from the country that came up with them. But on a larger note, Dr. Murie’s statement could serve as a battle cry for our generation. Maybe it will, but I know it will be a motto for me. “Let us not have puny thoughts…” Puny thoughts are frightened thoughts, thoughts made in the process of assuming the position. We have a lot of puny thinking going on in our nation right now. For example I am both saddened and disappointed by Senator Buy’s decision to resign. Gridlock will not be solved sufficiently by retreat. Puny thoughts are also tired thoughts. Exhausted thoughts. While I can’t give a pep talk to the Senate, I can give one to myself. Times are so tough right now…sort of. However, in another sense, there is this little buzz in the air. Maybe it’s just spring on it’s way. Maybe I’m excited about that Kohl’s gift card I have. Or maybe it’s just some new things I’ve been pursuing. Whatever it is, I hope I face whatever comes my way with no puny thoughts, so smallness of concept, and no lack of foresight.


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