Hail Holy Queen

It’s International Women’s Day!

In honor of women the world over, I’d like to challenge assumptions. Logic. Rules. History. Status Quo. Logic is crazy. Practicality is crazy. Both are a one-way trip to boring and the gods don’t traffic in boring. Round is woman and square is…well…square. Can’t you feel the buzz? I read this recently, “Millions of people gritted their teeth through the economic meltdown of 2009. Our global economic corporate structure was blasted to hell. Institutions fell. Hopes crashed. Businesses folded.


Pamela Slim, from a wonderful e-book I highly recommend

Damn right, good. Kali, Shakti, The Divine Feminine, Estrogen, Mary, whatever you want to call it, she’s tired of bullshit. The Dalai Lama believes the world will be saved by western women. And I think we are ready to clean house. Winter is ending, slowly but surely, and I feel like Spring Cleaning is coming early this year, and it’s starting not with brooms (sacred as they are…metaphorically, before anyone starts laughing about my cleaning habits), but with Earth.

There is a reason the scary witch in fairy tales rode a broom. Feminine power is scary. Feminine power is earth-shattering. We are starting a new decade and I hope, I FEEL that women are collectively beginning to become conscious of … something. I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t presume to even begin to guess. But I think the active word is “heal.” I also think this healing is going to come in the form of not gentle rest, but violent detox.

I am a feminist of the highest order and true feminism is inclusion. Everyone can be a feminist. Everyone has a stake in being a feminist. Anger isn’t required, but love is. And love can be earth-shattering.

This is my year to challenge assumptions, wherever I find them. I am trying to pledge to myself that the worst words I can say are, “That’s just the way it is.” I vow to ask why. The key to this ride is not to hang on, but to let go.


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