Liz Lemon – Disaster Responder

I’ve been serving as a Disaster Responder for the Red Cross for a little over a month now. It’s really been a lot of fun and such a great experience so far. I’ve received great training in disaster response, and am scheduled to receive even more. Next weekend, I am spending Saturday in Kane County getting certified in CPR/First Aid and AED. After that it’s Client Casework and Serving People With Disabilities. Then I’d like to sign up to be a national responder.
The Red Cross responds to all manner of disaster whether it affects 1 person or hundreds of thousands. This includes house fires. I’m “on call” from 8pm-12am every Tuesday night, so this has made for some fairly interesting Tuesday evenings. Since most people are home and awake for the greater part of my shift, house fires don’t often get out of control during my shift. As such I have only responded to a single fire. I’m considering adding an overnight shift on Friday evenings. But, until I have a little more experience under my belt, I’m sticking with the Tuesday night shift. But no matter whether I am ultimately called to respond or not, I really make an effort to be completely available and ready to roll. The way I usually handle it is I come from work and nap in case I find myself out late. Then I basically sit around waiting for the phone to ring, like a high school girl from the 50’s. At some point Will goes to bed and it feels very much like when I was single on a night without rehearsal. Just sort of sittin’ around. I don’t want to get too involved with a project in case I have to take off, nor do I want to doze. So I’ve taken to watching marathon amounts of 30 Rock. It’s perfect. My three favorite shows, in order, on tv right now are 30 Rock, Modern Family, and The Middle followed by Undercover Boss, and then The Bachelor, if it’s on.
So Liz Lemon keeps me company on Tuesdays nights thanks to Hulu and Netflix. Michael Bluth would too, if Arrested Development were available to watch instantly. You hear that, netflix?! Support your local Red Cross. Put Arrested Development on Watch Instantly.


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