A Rhinestone 2011

I’m looking to structure A Rhinestone World a little more firmly this year.  Most of what I post can be summed up into 7 categories, so each category will be assigned a day.  This is the structure I am going to begin trying out.  Likely it will change as I settle into it, but here is how A Rhinestone World will look moving forward.

Mondays:  Non-sequitors, plans for the week, musings, and just plain any ol’ thing that doesn’t quite fit into one of the following categories.  I’m one of the few people on the face of the earth that actually get a slight kick out of Mondays.  This is probably not unrelated to The Bachelor airing on Mondays.  Still, I love that feeling of anticipation, calendar review and preparation.  Tuesdays are bitch, howev.

Tuesdays:  Movies:  Alternative Movie Project, Movie reviews, discussions of upcoming movies, etc., Movie Hero of the Week.

  • A note on Movie Hero of the Week – Some weeks, Movie Hero of the Week may be joint posted under the fashion category.  I often find fashion inspiration from movie characters.  I’ve decided to play with this a bit.

Wednesdays:  Art, The Musical Project, Plays I’ve read or attended, theatre in the academic sense.  (These posts will be unrelated to my career in theatre. )

Thursdays: Career, Auditions, advice, questions, asking for advice, etc.  Thoughts on the practical aspects of being in the arts, Chicago theatre, etc.

Fridays/ Joint posts: Fashion.  Due to fashion’s practical applications in my life (day, audition, event wear) and the fact that I am often inspired by movies I see and books I read, fashion posts may eek their way into other days as well.  In fact, I expect this to be true tomorrow.

Fridays/Weekend:  Hobbies.  Knitting, Sewing, Perfume, Vintage Housekeeping, Cocktails, Essential Oils, National Parks, etc., Holiday/Seasonal, Restaurants.

Fridays/Weekend:  Books.


As far as upcoming posts go, I have several projects (both continuing and new) in the works.  I plan on continuing The Alternative Movie List Project, reading books off my gigantic Book List, studying musicals in The Musical Project, finding new perfumes and cocktails, and exploring the 30 for 30 project, I’d like to document more of my knitting and sewing (for better or worse), and (if we decide to) document how finding a new apartment in Chicago works.

Although I rarely post it, any political stuff will appear in my other blog Yankee Doodle Sweetheart.

Finally, a note on what this blog means to me and how I use it:

I don’t keep a journal in the traditional sense.  I used to, but carrying around messy notebooks started to clutter things up for me.  I like to collage as much as write and I was overwhelming myself.  Although I’ve had a blog in some or another for many years now, how I blog has morphed somewhat.  I use a Rhinestone World to communicate as well as document my latest project.  It also serves as my journal, occasionally.  One more thing I try to do with A Rhinestone World is write to myself 5 or 10 years ago.  I try to provide information that I was desperately looking for when entering theatre as a career, moving to Chicago from a rural location, and trying to find personal style in not only fashion, but life.   I hope it might help someone who finds themselves in a similar situation.  This new structure I’m attempting is designed to help me do all of that and more.

I have a steady readership I am very grateful for. I hope you all enjoy the slightly new style of A Rhinestone World in the upcoming weeks.  Please let me know if anything feels particularly clunky or boring or if you have suggestions.  Please subscribe so you can keep up with the doin’s.

If you are new to A Rhinestone World, welcome and feel free to explore.  The following posts are a good taste of what I write here:

Advice for actors just starting out

People who inspire me

My domestic missteps

Theatre and film history

Fashion thoughts

My Hobbies

My favorite reads

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


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