30 for 30 – The finalized list!


HELLO FROM CHICAGO!  It’s 9:22pm on February 1st as I write this and snow far, snow good.  Snowmaggedon preparation slightly delayed my start to the 30 for 30, but still here is the list.  I guess I’ll have to start a day late, but I think thundersnow is a good excuse!  THUNDERSNOW!!!!

Picking 28 of the items was pretty easy.  It was the last two that were difficult.  I knew that the final three nominees were a tiered flouncy skirt, a vest and a black turtleneck.  I ultimately settled on the turtleneck and vest.  I know my selections are top-heavy…heh….but I don’t have a lot of bottoms…. HA!  Oh my god.  That exact same sentence could be applied to my actual body.

ANyway, with winter still hanging on strong, the flouncy skirt (while fun) would have probably been too impractical for a restrictive challenge like the 30 for 30.  I mean, I’m staring out the window and the snow is blowing sideways…with lightning.  A flouncy skirt is downright dangerous!

TOPS (15)

  • White tee
  • Black tee
  • Steelers tee (the Super Bowl finds itself nestled right in the thick of things)
  • Plaid flannel shirt
  • Blue button down
  • Yellow striped boat neck
  • Blue gingham shirt
  • Tie-neck blouse
  • Navy Cardigan
  • Grey Sweatshirt
  • Leopard Cardigan
  • Cowl neck sweater
  • Black shawl collar sweater
  • Red & White sleeveless blouse
  • Black Turtleneck


  • Velvet blazer
  • Grey vest


  • Tweed jumper


  • Pin-striped skirt
  • Denim mini


  • Black pants
  • Camel pants
  • Skinny jeans
  • Green cords


  • Clogs
  • Brown riding boots
  • Black oxfords
  • Black high heeled knee high boots
  • Tretorns
  • Brown peep toes

I’ve already discovered that my winter skirt situation is paltry.   I surprised myself by picking only 1 dress for the challenge.  I don’t have any auditions scheduled for February, and my winter work dresses are in flux.  One is too big, and I’m beginning to wonder if another is even appropriate for work at all. Still, I may regret this decision.  I’m concerned my selections may end up being a bit safe and frumpy.  Ah well.  We shall see.

The rules address accessories as any item that can’t be worn alone, as it is.  As such, I have a couple camis I may throw into the mix.  These particular camis are not items I would ever wear alone out into the world.  I’m also not counting snow boots because I change out of them when I get to destination.  Except maybe for running errands.  Agh.  Maybe it’s cheating but I live in Chicago.  They are very nearly attached to my body and I’m not counting appendages as items in the 30 for 30.

One thing I am very much looking forward to is significantly abbreviated laundry.

My personal rules:

I am not counting workout clothes or dance rehearsal clothes.  However, NON dance rehearsal clothes will be included in the 30 for 30.  (The workout clothes stipulation is included in the actual 30 for 30 guidelines.) I think I am going to include lounge and cleaning wear in this stipulation. I’m not going to bleach something in the bathroom with a nice sweater on, you know?

As I said before, snowboots and puffy down coats aren’t going to count.  While certainly, I often choose a coat around my outfit, lately I just choose it based on the temp outside. THUNDERSNOW!  Jackets under coats, however, do count.

Anyway, I will probably do a weekly rundown on outfits as opposed to a daily post.  So off I go!  I know what my outfit for tomorrow is already.  One word:  Cozy.  THUNDERSNOW!


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