Failure – The 30 for 30 Challenge…and other things


A bit of an old school style blog post, so here goes.

I’ve failed the 30 for 30 Challenge.  I actually made it a whole 6 days, but I forgot to take pictures.

What happened?  Well, the Blizzaster and the following Colder-Than-Hell temperatures did a number on my planning.  THEN a whole bunch of unexpected life type stuff happened resulting in events I wasn’t expecting and I also haven’t done laundry in any meaningful way AND we just found  a new apartment which doesn’t require a specific outfit, but did require my attention and time.  So I failed.

Am I just not a Remixer?  I don’t know.  I’d like to try again. So I will when Spring or Summer 30 for 30’s come around, I suppose.

Moving on, I have to tell you I had sort of planned on February being a “month of rest”.  The plan was more theoretical and as such, has also failed miserably.  I am going to Ohio this weekend to celebrate my birthday and hopefully sleep.  I have to leave town to sleep.  But I won’t sleep.  Because I will be wasting time that I could be spending with my family.  As such, I have designated an official Hibernation Weekend.  I came across the idea of the Hibernation Weekend years ago through one of my favorite blogs, Brocante Home.  I have penciled in Hibernation Weekends ever since and that has probably been a solid three years.  I have yet to accomplish one.

Meanwhile, on Monday I turn 30.  I had always sort of imagined my 30th birthday to be a bit of a grand affair.  It won’t be.  I will be traveling most of Sunday, and Monday I will probably poodle around in slippers or something.  Of course not grand doesn’t mean not good.  In fact, looking back over what I’ve written thus far, perhaps Not Grand will be Relaxing.  And that IS Grand.  Oh the irony.


So, my youth is officially over.  Thank God.  I’m an old soul and old souls have awkward puberties that seem to resonate for years afterward.

I’ve got big goals for the upcoming years.  I’m quietly ambitious.  That sounds like an oxymoron.  Maybe it is, but it’s true nonetheless.  The first thing I am going to do is become (mostly) vegetarian again.  I was a vegetarian from 1997-around 2001.  I stopped for various reasons (mostly anchored in laziness), but the guilt has never left me.  I just love animals (and the environment…and ethics…and what I know is right) too much to support the evils of factory farming and cruelty.  So coming up I will return to what was always the right thing to do.  (Both my Father and my Husband probably just sighed very audibly.  Don’t worry, my Men.  Hypocritical as it may be, the looks on your faces and the gratitude for my pecan fried chicken is enough to warrant making it for you a couple times a year.  We just have to at the very least buy the chicken from a non-cruel enterprise.  And my Mac and Cheese doesn’t have meat in it.   I’ll just switch to a sustainable cheese source.  Like this one, my little sis’s summer employer last year, and rock solid Paulding County, Ohio born and bred.  Try their stuff, it is wonderful!)  As before, I promise not to be insufferable.  I just can’t bear ignoring some things that I’ve been ignoring for…dear God…a decade.  Just too cruel.  It was never difficult for me to be a vegetarian, really.  Honestly, when I stopped eating meat when I was 16, it was just about the easiest thing I ever did.  The challenge now will be that I do not expect Will to join me in this.  So, there will probably be some nights where we eat two different things.  That said, he occasionally picks up a few hours at a vegan coffee shop, and loves the veggie burrito at Chipotle, so there is wiggle room.  Also we both hate kombucha.  This isn’t really relevant except that it is a food-related issue on which we have solidarity.  After drinking kombucha I experienced what I imagine it feels like to drink untreated water in Russia.

Happy Bear

So there’s what’s on my mind at the present moment.  Sort of.   Here’s to turning 30 and liking the idea of it!  I need to hurry up and finish this crap Steve Berry novel I’m reading so I can start out my next decade on a smarter note.



One thought on “Failure – The 30 for 30 Challenge…and other things

  1. For the continued meat-eaters in your life, a local, ethical, organic food source that–best of all–delivers to your door:

    It’s like magic! I’ve been passing the food joy on to everyone I know. But it is nice to know that they refuse to buy meat that isn’t ethically treated, so you can feel better about that pecan chicken.

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